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NURI ÇORBACIOĞLU AFIAP Awarded Professional Photographer

Even the exact date is unknown, he was born in Denizli in Turkey. His parents are both teachers. It’s just fate, with his young age he also chooses being a teacher like his parents. For many years he inculcated his positiveness into children beside geographical information. Finally, after 10 years of working at TED Kayseri College, he realizes that this is not the main passion for him.
And with his camera in hand, he comes back to the world in Kayseri, this time as a photographer.
He takes ‘photography’ to the center of his life, but he still does not give up teaching.
Today, he continues to teach what he knows at Nuh Naci Yazgan University and in the course that he founded, Kayseri Photo Art House.

Firstly, he started his photography studies at Denizli Mehmet Çakır Photography Art House and continue to work with the collaborations and projects of many respected photographers. Even his photographs displayed on more than 20 mixed exhibitions, he wanted to enjoy opening his own exhibition.
And in 2010, he opens his first exhibition with the name of “Life Choices” and donates all the income of the exhibition to educating by courtesy of his teacher identity. Until now nearly 100 photographs of him have been exhibited and awarded in more than 10 countries.
The International Federation of Photography Associations (FIAP), cannot have remained indifferent to these awards, decided to give AFIAP title to him in 2012; Artist FIAP.
This is passion while travelling all around the cities to take photos, he thought ‘Why am I travelling alone?’ and starts to organize photo tours with the name of ‘Journey to Anatolia’.
In this way, he continues to take photographs, go travels and teach everything he knows about photography.
Still, all these are not satisfying for him, he started to work on documentary productions, cinematography and directing studies, so also in this field, he is taking his place in both national and international juries.


They Say

Thanks to Nuri and his crew for this holiday. It was one of my best holidays. Turkish people so nice and like to being friend with you. I will come again with my friends in future I hope.

— Andy


If I leave Cappadocia without seeing the wild horses I will be upset! But thanks to Nuri and his team we had the chance of visit this little village and see the horses. And it was like a movie! There are too many horses and they all running at the same time. Everyone should feel this!

— Mike

Product Manager

I like taking photographs and travelling. But you can not find the right places for photograph in the places you go first time. Nuri has really good photograph skills. Thanks to him I took very good Cappadocia landscape photos. And he arranged a model and horses to photograph with balloons on the sunrise. He has very good concepts.

— Tim



for the photographers who wanna organize a workshop/tour in Cappadocia and with its wild horses!