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Wild Yılkı Horses

As a word, Yılkı means is ‘free horse living on their own environment’. The Yılkı Horses are, as its word meaning, hundreds of free, wild, noble and gorgeous Anatolian horses living…

Cappadocia's unique landscape on the sunset with hot air balloons on the background


It means beautiful horses’ country… It owns its spiritual beauty to its nature, historical… Cappadocia has a unique atmosphere that you cannot fell any other place in the world.

Salt Lake

Tuz Gölü in Turkish, as understands from its name it is also a mineral source of salt. The second biggest lake of Turkey, occupying a huge area in the arid central plateau of Turkey

Nomads’ Valley

The Kyrgyz people (also spelt Kyrghyz or Kirghiz) are a Turkic ethnic group that lives in several parts of Central Asia, primarily Kyrgyzstan.

Migration of Buffalos

The Hurmetci Village hosts many animals. The Yilki Horses are the most famous one. However, there is one more which is highly important and attractive: the buffalos.

star exposure with fairy chimneys in Cappadocia landscapes

Cappadocia Nights

Without exception, every photographer admires to make a long exposure of the stars. Have you ever experienced it just for yourself? Or, let’s come to the main point

Private Tours

As Cappadocia Photo Tours, we widen our offers for our customers! Now, we offer you some different kind of tours with our new team! You can still join us.

Photo Shooting

We are offering you unique experience with a combination of photography. The shooting experinece will be around the most picturesque neighborhoods of

Isparta Lavander Harvest

Lavender is a popular flower because of its enchanting smell and the color easy on the eye. Lavender Village is a well known place in Turkey, and these are the best time

Konya and Beyşehir Lake

You can never imagine Beyşehir Lake like that. In the winter, the fishermen in the lake, break the ice with their boats to set new ways for themselves. This activity is a great challenge

Niğde Aladağlar Bolkarlar

Aladağlar is highest peak of Toros Mountains Turkey’s largest mountain range. The Aladaglar, with its fresh air, imposing turkish pine, larch and fir trees, wildlife and intense

East Turkey Photo Tour

2020 Turkey Photo Tour Program. Locations: İstanbul (2 Days), Cappadocia (3 Days), Gaziantep (2 Days), Şanlıurfa (2 Days), Mardin (2 Days), Diyarbakır (1 Day)

Istanbul - Ephesus - Cappadocia - Pamukkale

2020 Turkey Gourmet & Discover Tour Locations: İstanbul (3 Days), Ephesus (2 Days), Pamukkale (1 Days), Cappadocia (3 Days),

Kayseri (Discovery, Gastronomy and Photo) City Tour

Kayseri is waiting to be discovered by you with its historical architecture, natural beauties and even wild aspects.